Owner & DevOps Engineer

Jacek has 12 years of experience. He used to be the system owner at Sabre (Travel) for one of its critical systems. His daily routine was not only representing the system/team in the company, but also collecting data for the final release sign-off. A potential impact of the prolonged system downtime – no planes flying out of US airports. He used to work in Oracle as DevOps engineer for the former Taleo team, bringing modern CI/CD processes, training and building awareness for a team of 5k people.

Currently focuses on:
#Security #BigData #Databases


Owner & DevOps Engineer

Krzysiek has 15 years of experience. He used to be the leader of the operations team in Sabre (Travel) within Sabre Web Services department. Where he used to support the main entry point to all Sabre systems, with transactions counted in thousands per second and downtime resulting in losses of millions. He used to work in SmartRecruiters (Recruitment) as well, where he supported the company from an early stage, built infrastructure and shaped the engineering culture from scratch.

Currently focuses on:
#Security #Automation #CostOptimization

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